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postmodern poets' Journal
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Sunday, January 8th, 2006
11:37 pm
Let's take the poetry out of poetry for a moment.
And acknolwedge that suffering isn't all that tasty.

Can we please figure out now if we need facts in circulation?
Or if they simply complicate things for those purporting truth.
I am convinced this poem is falsely constructed.

Mankind as a whole must now decide for good, out here on this tottering global precipice,
Whether they are for law
Or law is for them.
Notice how the farthest line in this stanza was talking about what goes too far.

With such a poem as this, with all of our militaries, our minds, our mettle, and missiles,
With citizenry, and the finest works of art, and years of tactical and governmental powers,
Can we tear the child's hand from the chocolate?

Current Mood: fear & loathing
Thursday, July 22nd, 2004
2:31 pm
i didn't write this, i found it here:


Prime Number

It looks like a man wearing a shawl whose body is
another shawl wrapped around a man who has already
gone to his death in a subway, an office building,
a chair beside a hospital bed--a man leaning against
a lectern, or rising from a seat on a train that is leaving a city
for another city; it looks like sunrise or midnight; it looks
like prayer or hunger whose table and chair is without
company, without the forgiveness of bread and meat;

it looks like a woman sitting on a bus where two dozen
are seated at an intersection where nothing is meant
to keep from occurring; where nothing is meant to return
the explosion to the briefcase of work at her feet,
the weight of the sweater whose sleeves cross her breasts
to the dark emptiness of the body's withdrawal--
shoulder and arm, the wrist and palm's volume of light:
time that crosses the body's corridor, the eye's division.

Laurie Lamon
Thursday, April 24th, 2003
7:40 pm
one two three two
     if we could get this down
          the main thing to concentrate on is this:
          what is the term "coloured cats"?
     watch where you're grabbing

six three two
move quickly from
      a system of communication
   if twenty-eight boxes of chocolate
     born, raised, and currently living in
            a complete system, for you to
be projected behind the famous soup cans

one one two
        try not to hold your breath while
        everything is not expressed at the same time
                  let c equal the price of wrapping paper
                        when possible, follow
      this crappy-ass paper I put in this

four five two three two
        make certain that the rotational axis of the cam is
              as a kind of background noise to the
          generation of little explosions who grew up saturated by
chocolate on a stick

Current Mood: bored
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